One Wedding Per Month For Foreigners

A politician from the Swedish city of Landskona has decreed that only one wedding per month will be allowed at the local community center each month because them damn foreigners are trying to hold too many damn marriages. “We don’t want to have too many,” said Lars Svensson, “it’s those who live in the city. There are quite a lot of Kurds and Palestinians who get married. There’s something about having an oriental background; there can be between 400 or 500 guests.” He claimed to have received complaints concerning noise and untidiness that is associated in the minds of native born Swedes with “immigrant weddings.”

Habib Ramadani tried to hold a wedding reception for his son but was told by Svensson, “not for you, you all throw cake on the floor instead of in your mouths.” I guess out of the mouths of jerks come such profound observations on the state of modern marriage. Isn’t it wonderful how self righteous people like Svensson complain about divorce or the demands of gays to marry and devote their lives to preventing marriage?