Ongoing Saga Of Turkish-Armenian Conflict

Turkish and Armenian officials are still working to devise a formula which would allow both nations to have normal relations, but border and historic conflicts continue to haunt the two countries. April 24 looms as the anniversary which Armenians commemorate as the time when the Ottoman Empire initiated it genocidal policies toward Armenians. President Obama who has urged both sides to sit down and negotiate a resolution of the issues is due to issue the normal message American presidents give on April 24 which is to express regrets at the death of thousands of Armenians at the hands of Ottoman soldiers.

There probably is a rather easy solution to the dispute as to whether hundreds of thousands of Armenians were killed. The UN could identify a panel of outstanding historians from throughout the world who could conduct an historical research and come up with a clear report as to whether the genocide occurred or not. Certainly, such a report would end the ongoing arguments which echo throughout the Internet from both sides each anxious to prove the other is a liar.