Only A Child

She was an eight year old girl living in a village in Yemen when her parents and some neighbor got together in order to decide what would be her life. An eight year old girl in some nations of this world does not have the right to enjoy the life of an eight year old girl. In some countries they spend the day, not at play, but in a factory making things for people who live far, far away. In Yemen, she can be denied any further time to be a child and be introduced to the world of being a mother of little girls. European Union foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton denounced an event in Yemen which led to the death of an eight year old girl who was raped by her “husband” and sent to the hospital where she died of internal bleeding. Ashton made clear, “I call on the Yemeni government to abide by its obligations under international law,” and end the practice of forced marriage for females, particularly for female children.

The girl, identified by the name of Rawan was forced to marry a 40 year old man who proceeded on the wedding night to force intercourse that led to her death. Oh, a security person denies the girl was forced to have intercourse.