Only Clean Smelling Immigrants Accepted!

Australia has been the target of thousands seeking to enter and become part of that nation. It is a large nation and has plenty of room for millions, but the political opposition in Australia is concerned about how immigrants might bring into their country smells that would cause untold numbers to collapse from their odors. Teresa Gambaro, speaking for opposition members of Parliament, explained her concerns. “Without trying to be offensive, we are talking about hygiene and what is an acceptable norm in this country when you are working closely with other co-workers.” Her solution is to use deodorants in order to present the right smell to the world of fellow workers.

Pino Migliorino, of the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils, who like Gambrino is of Italian heritage, pointed out an historical piece of data. “Teresa Gambaro comes from the same background as mine and we grew up being called dirty wogs.” I recall being told in elementary school that we east European Jewish children had to use soap and water more frequently because we smelled.

Ms. Gambaro admitted that her comments might be termed insensitive by those who lack a sensitive nose.