Only Hugs In Heaven

Abdulrahman and a friend in Saudi Arabia were tired of how their country, Saudi Arabia, was perceived in the world as a center of violence and hate. They announced on Twitter their plan to walk through the streets of the capital city, Riyadh, with a sign that offered one and all a free hug. In other words, a hug for peace. As they proceeded on their merry journey of love, there soon appeared the men of hate. Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Preventon of Vice, soon appeared. The two men were arrested -along with their hug sign, and compelled to sign a statement promising no more hugs. This group of guardians are the same men who in 2002 prevented girls seeking to escape a burning because they did not have their headscarves and were not accompanied by a male guardian. Fifteen girls burned to death and 50 were wounded.

Oh, the sign is currently in jail.