Only in Iran could people march in support of Egyptians who have driven out Mubarak and be accused of being American agents. Only in Iran would President Ahmadinejad openly praise efforts of protesters in Tahrir Square and then turn around and denounce Iranians who were marching in support of their fellow Muslims. Only in Iran is one an enemy for supporting what the government praises. Only in Iran would there be support for thugs and bullies who roam the streets assaulting innocent young boys and girls. About 1500 people in Tehran rallied in support of Egyptians only to be met by police, security forces and criminals who then assaulted them in the name of Allah. After police fired and shot some demonstraters killing at least two people, those who being fired upon were charged with firing on themselves. Iranian MP Kazem Jalali shouted in Parliament- death to opposition leaders who allegedly were responsible for the fact “two people were martyred.”

The Iranian government has long ceased to represent any norm of logic or common sense. The Ahmadinejad government is composed of those with third rate minds and first rate ability to beat up the defenseless.