There is a land on this planet which is ruled by a man whose concept regarding human rights is simply out of this world. And, when we write, “out of this world,” we mean out of this world. William Browder, whose father was a famous leader of Communism in America, built a business career in Russia after his dad’s friends lost power. His company, Hermitage Capital Management, came in contact with evidence of corruption in government. Browder hired Sergei Magnitsky to investigate this corruption and he uncovered evidence that hundreds of millions were being stolen. Naturally, in a land where Putin has power, the only result of this discovery was to arrest the man who found corruption. Magnitsky was jailed, beaten and finally died.

Browder fled to the United Kingdom knowing that former billionaire Mikhal Khodorsky had been sent to prison for a decade due to challenging the corrupt regime of Vladimir Putin. The years have passed and the world knows all about the death  of Magnitsky.

A trial will begin this week in Russia. It is a trial whose goal is to let the world know that Sergi Magnitsky was a thief. There will be two empty chairs in the courtroom, one for Magnitsky and one for Browder. My only question is whether Magnitsky will be compelled to respond to questions.