Only Jews Live Here, Go Home Wherever That Might Be

I was born in 1930, an era in which Jews frequently were told their presence was not desired in a neighborhood and restrictive covenants made certain large areas were kept “Juden” free. As a Jew it is incumbent to fight for the rights of all people to live where they desire. Unfortunately, the Jews who currently govern the state of Israel behavior more akin to persecutors of Jews than those who defend human rights. Palestinian homes are being destroyed in East Jerusalem on grounds owners never obtained permits to build a home. Of course, those who seek a permit are told none is available. Of course, any Jew seeking a permit has no problem securing that piece of paper. The goal of the Israel government is clear– clear out Muslims and make Jerusalem “Muslim free.”

There is something sad about behavior of the Israel government towards Arabs who voluntarily or involuntarily inhabit areas under the control of Jews. Destruction of Arab homes in East Jerusalem violates every goal of Jews throughout their history of persecution. After centuries of being those without rights they have taken from Muslims fundamental rights of a citizen. The Israelis have met the enemy and discovered he is them!

President Obama secured promises from Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu that steps would be forthcoming to further the cause of peace. Demolishing Palestinian homes is hardly a step toward peace.

  • Fernando

    I cant trust what obama says about the Israle prime minister