A recent story indicated that Air France will only allow male attendants to work on the plane when Dominique Strauss Kahn is aboard. We thought they might extend this policy to accommodate other passengers:


1. Only allow low speaking attendants when Charlie Sheen is on the plane. He can get excited when he hears loud voices.

2. If a Tea Party member is on  board, only allow tea raised in America to be served.

3. If Glenn Beck is aboard, make certain no illegal immigrant is serving food or drink.

4.  When Michele Bachmann is on board make certain attendants have maps to help her understand that France is NOT in Africa.

5.  If John Boehner is a passenger make certain attendants have plenty of Kleenex since he cries rather readily.

6. If Barack Obama is a passenger make certain no attendant is from Kenya.

7. On reflection, perhaps it is best not to have ANY attendants since Dominique might be bisexual.