Only My Preconditions To Talk

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a reasonable man. He refuses to engage in discussions with President Abbad unless he ends his demands for preconditions such as imposing a freeze on seizure of land owned by Palestinians. “To me the setting of preconditions is an insurmountable obstacle.” Of course, Bibi has made clear that Palestinians must accept terming Israel a “Jewish state” even though  twenty percent of its people are Muslims or Christians. Of course, Bibi has made clear there will not be a return of refugees to Israel. In other words, Bibi sets preconditions while demanding that President Abbas can not. How can any leader engage in negotiations when one side each day takes another piece of his land?

On the other hand, Prime Minister Netanyahu will not accept the idea of Israel becoming a binational state. “If we go into direct negotiations, it is likely to be very hard but the alternative of a binational state is one we do not want.” OK, if you want two states, cease taking land from Palestinians and negotiate a two nation outcome!