Only Swedes Should Apply?

On July 1, 2009, a new law made Swedish the “main language” in the nation. Over the past several hundred years, people living in what is now called, “Sweden,” were unaware they had to speak Swedish in order to survive in their hunting and farming world. Thank God, the Swedish legislature finally cleared up the uncertainty by making clear those living in Sweden should speak Swedish. A group of Swedish organizations which fund research are now petitioning the government(of Sweden, that is) for permission to have all petitioners for grants to submit their applications in English since many of their applicants are not of Swedish birth.

I assume the comment that most of their applicants is not intended as a slur against Swedes and the world of research in Sweden. Or, it could imply that most Swedish researchers are familiar with the English language. We trust they will avoid using their English in everyday activities. The “language police” might get them if they spoke in English.