Only Two Were There

A murder trial which involves a famous person captures popular imagination as we reflect on the actual crime and whether or not the person we know–as a celebrity– is guilty or innocent. For some, the crime leads to hope that a famous personality is guilty since that proves those with fame are no better than those without. There is something in we observers of fame that seeks to prove that individual is as mortal as we. In a sense, if the famous person is guilty then we feel smug satisfaction because we are not guilty of murder, just guilty of being intrigued by those who murder and are famous. The trial of Oscar Pistorious goes on and on, each day brings another vivid description of the murder, or, in the opinion of Oscar, his determined effort to protect his girl friend by killing her so she would not be raped by some crazy black man.

The prosecution vividly described how the initial bullet hit Reeva in the hip causing her to fall down, two other bullets penetrated into her skull even as her arms attempted to shield her body from further harm. Mr. Pistorious went around with a weapon intended to cause severe wounds, and so they did.

Will we ever know the true story? Most probably not. In either case of innocent or guilty doubt will continue in our minds. My basic question is why did not Mr. Pistorious shout out to his girl friend that danger lurked? Just asking.