Oops, So I Had A Bomb!

Trey Scott is a demolition expert who returned from his last deployment to Afghanistan and attempted to get on a plane. Authorities found his carry on bag contained C4, a powerful explosive. Trey informed the police it was normal for members of the Green Berets to carry C4 explosives since one never knew when they would be required. Actually, he had previously been detained for carrying a smoke grenade, but security decided it was not worth their time to check for other explosives

During his initial interrogation, Trey never mentioned the previous event on December 24 at Fayetteville where they found a smoke grenade. I really don’t know why anyone is upset, isn’t it preferable to have a member of the Green Berets blow up the plane rather than have one of those godless Muslim terrorists do it?

Doesn’t this story make you feel more comfortable when traveling on a plane?