Oops, What Did I Just Do??

It is always fascinating to me when Christians decry Muslim clerics who seek to impose Sharia law upon a country. According to many American Christians, the Muslims are religious fanatics seeking to take away the rights of people in the name of Mohammed or the Muslim religion. These same “Christians”think nothing about imposing THEIR interpretation of CHRISTIANITY upon those who do not agree with their interpretation.
A majority of members of the Arizona legislature voted -on party lines– to make it illegal to force a good Christian to sell merchandise to anyone who is a homosexual. I am a bit confused. Does this mean when I go for a cup of coffee the proprietor will inquire if I am a homosexual? What if I lie? Does this mean I broke a law and will go to jail.

Arizona State Senator Steve Pierce who voted for the law now has second thoughts. He finally realized this law could seriously damage the economic health of his state. “I screwed up. I’m trying to make it right. I didn’t like the negative picture of Arizona and, I’m going to ask the governor to veto the bill.”

In the end in America, even conservative bigots follow the straight economic benefit law even if the customer is a Muslim terrorist!