Open Carry Texas Continues To Carry Guns

BELIEVE IT OR NOT–The NRA opposes Guns!!! I never thought the day would come when the National Rifle Association would actually make a statement against carrying guns around. The NRA is OK with guns in churches, it is OK with guns in schools, it is OK with guns in government buildings, but it is not OK with an organization which believes each and every American has the right to carry a weapon wherever he or she damn well desires. Open Carry Texas folk have arrived at their local Starbucks or local restaurant with loaded semi-automatic weapons in order to make clear to the people in this nation that if you REALLY believe in guns, then guns are OK. As they sat in Starbucks with loaded weapons, one of these brave men told the media: “we’re fundamentally changing America and changing Texas.”

The NRA thinks “a small number of Texans have carried things too far.” I believe this statement provides clear proof that leaders of the NRA are, in reality, allies of those opposed to my right to carry a weapon and defend myself. I am confused. It it is OK to carry a weapon into a college classroom, why not to Starbucks??