Open Handed Welcome To Jakarta!

We offer a word of advice to those in route towards Indonesia and expect to arrive at the Jakarta airport. Cheung Ho Chung, a businessman from Hong Kong, arrived at the airport, headed for the immigration officers, and having been warned to expect an out stretched hand of welcome that essentially desires not your palm so much as what was in it, placed a nice $20 bill for anyone to take. But, to his surprise, the immigration folk were a bit testy that day and insisted his donation of $20 was nice, but hardly enough to deal with their personal economic needs. They demanded $100 which came across as excessive to the man from Hong Kong. After all, he came from the center of kung fu films in which the hero demolishes his enemies with one swift kick. The immigration officer became upset at this Chinese guy’s lack of respect for the ancient art of bribery and began to physically attack the man.

Now, switch to the official immigration version. This Chinese arrogant guy got off the plane, refused to fill out forms and we politely asked him to complete all necessary materials. Instead, he physically assaulted us and in the process self inflicted wounds in order to make it appear we had done them. Oh, as for that $20 bill, we found one and politely returned it to the man which only got him to become more abusive.

Select the version you desire. And, remember, when you hit immigration at Jakarta airport, it solves a lot of problems if your palm has something in it.