Open Letter To People Of Texas

I was born in the lower regions of the United States in a place called the Bronx, New York. We New Yorkers lacked the high moral standards of those born in the heaven known as the state of Texas. I was born at a time when Irish political bosses ran our city and helped shape who ran our state as well as the nation. I grant these bosses lacked education or the high moral standards of those from the great state of Texas, but they did come forth with a few fairly intelligent political leaders like John Kennedy or Governor Herbert Lehman or Governor Al Smith.

During the past several months I have watched the antics of your beloved governor. In their worse nightmares, Irish political bosses would never conceive of  running for public office an idiot like your beloved Governor Rick Perry. If stupidity was a virtue, he would be a saint in Heaven. The man is incapable of expressing a sentence in the English language without fouling it up. His knowledge of the world can only be summed up in one word–nonexistent. And, you Texans voted for this drop out from the school for idiots?

Anyway, Rick says Texas should secede from the Union. Please do if this moron is the best you can do  in the world of politics. Spare the nation any more wasted time watching him abuse the English language!