Open Letter To Tyrant King Of Thailand

Dear your Lowness:

I have been following the trial and punishment of the Australian novelist Harold Nicolaides who is currently enjoying the pleasure of being a resident in one of your medieval prisons. As I gather– not having read his self published book which sold all of 50 copies and blackened the name of the Thai royalty– a character in his book made a disparaging remark about the Crown Prince of your family. A novelist includes characters who he likes as well as dislikes because the nature of a novel is to present the views of fictional people. Honest, King, the character does NOT EXIST! It is fiction, for God’s sake. Are you claiming a novelist is responsible for what each character in a novel says? Do you read novels?

I really have zero knowledge about you or your son or your children or the entire royal family. I have no idea if what the character in the novel expressed had the kernel of truth about the Crown Prince. But, one thing is very clear. The Crown Prince has absolutely no idea regarding the nature of human rights or the right of novelists to express their ideas.

The Thailand royalty is a disgrace to the people of their country.

P.S. How about spending a day in one of your medieval prisons. Do you think it would be pleasant defecating in the open hole in the cell? Or how about washing in the trough?

P.P.S. I do not intend to take any trips to your lovely country. From what I gather the people of Thailand are wonderful.