Operation Blessing

Pat Robertson is a man of God. He is among, the few, with direct contact with God so it stands to reason this Godly man is engaged in a crusade to make the world receptive to God’s return. If one sits on the right side of God then it stands to reason he is able to whisper wise words to our Lord. Pat is in charge of Operation Blessing, a modern version of his efforts during the Rwanda crisis of the 1990s that while volunteers were working with Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF) to save Tutsis threatened with death, Pat and his followers were at their side whispering words of salvation for their souls. Robertson’s latest extravaganza in aiding those in plight has resulted in millions for Pat and a lot of words for those who are hungry and sick. “Mission Congo,” a film by David Turner and Lara Zizic, argues that Robertson is pulling in millions on the claim that his organization is aiding millions in Zaire, the Democratic Republic of Congo. They claim he made incorrect claims of building schools or large scale farms. In fact, they argue Robertson’s organization diverted mercy flights in order to deliver equipment to diamond mining concessions.

“Mission Congo” depicts a world of poverty and pain with scant evidence that westerners are doing anything other than making money while disaster makes its daily appearance. The Congo is a disaster. At this point no group or nation had done anything other than make money from this wealthy country while its people just seek to get through the day alive or not raped. I have a hunch Operation Blessing was not the sort of blessing chosen by God in the Congo.