Opponents Of US Intervention Seek Intervention

Left wing Latin Americans have long bemoaned the presence and might of the United States which repeatedly has intervened in the affairs of their region. Ousted Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, who has formed close ties with anti-American intervention leader, Hugo Chavez, is callign for America to intervene and help restore him to power. Zelaya welcomes kind words from President Obama, but he wants action such as cutting off money to those who overthrew him and imposing economic sanctions. Obama’s failure to act, he claims, will risk “his prestige in Latin America.”

Zelaya decided to move closer to the ideas of Hugo Chavez which are based on controlling the media, trying to control education and the lives of college students, corruption and nepotism, and other such wonderful “left wing ideas.” If Zelaya obtained power he most probably would impose a Chavez approach to governing and make as his main point denouncing any attempt by the US to intervene in his nation’s affairs.

Sorry, Manuel, you can’t have it both ways– although you want it both ways!