Opposing Filippino Veterans-Shame Of Republicans!

Those old enough to remember World War II will never forget the gallant Filipino soldiers who stood shoulder to shoulder with their American comrades in the bitter fight on Bataan and then endured the horrible death march conducted by the Japanese troops. Apparently, Republican senators have no such memories as they fight bitterly against proposals by the Democratic senate leadership to provide decent pensions for Filipinos who were part of American forces that fought in the Philippines. Republicans have refused to go along with the efforts by Senator Harry Reid to secure decent pension benefits for the few remaining Filipino veterans.

Republicans insist on restricting money that was to go to the Filipino veterans by insisting on lower pensions and then using money saved to pay for US veterans. This is an example of the shameful disgraceful behavior of the Republican party during the entire Iraq and Afghanistan wars. They have consistently opposed higher pensions for veterans until Democrats introduced such legislation. Now, Republicans are attempting to portray themselves as defenders of our veterans by this dishonorable tactic of reducing pensions to those who fought in defense of America a half century ago.

Most probably, President Bush lacks any knowledge of WWII and the fight of these brave Filipino soldiers. Then again, he still lacks knowledge of Iraq and Afghanistan, so what’s new.