Opposition Continues Banging Bangkok

It has been a few months since angry demonstrators transformed Bangkok into a city with people, but a city without the ability to conduct business or ordinary aspects of life. Red clad supporters of ousted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra surged through streets shouting demands for free elections and the right to vote for a man whom they considered to represent their interests. The Red Shirts are now scattered through other cities, but their demands for freedom are still being shouted. In the city of Lamphun Sriwan Janhong quietly pointed out to a reporter, “I am a million percent certain the red Shirts will return” because they still believe their nation is controlled by a conservative military, business and royal alliance which intends to maintain power. As he notes, you can “push people down, they come back violently.”

Despite the rhetoric about Red Shirt “terrorists,” there have yet to be any examples of this group setting off bombs or killing those who oppose their interests. There is no doubt, Thaksin Shinawatra is a manipulating politician whose only desire is POWER. The people of Thailand need a government which represents the interests of all, not just the powerful.