Oppress Now, Pay Later In Violence

There is a fundamental military belief that any and all situations can be solved with the proper use of force and violence. If one is, or desires to become a general, then it is imperative to have some form of warfare going on. The path to higher ranks grows longer and the speed along which one proceeds becomes much slower if there are no wars along which to travel. American Secretary of State John Kerry made a phone call to his Egyptian counterpart, Nabil Fahmy in order to urge calm and reduction of violence against the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead of placing in jail leaders of that organization, he urged a return to the political process. Kerry urged “an inclusive political process across the political spectrum that respects fundamental human rights of all Egyptians in order to achieve political stability and democratic change.”

OK, so those are words that can be termed cliches spoken by those seeking to avoid violence. Yes, they are. Tough guys seeking promotion to general or super general speak with words demanding death. One can kill now, but in the end there will be countless other deaths and, who knows those who eventually wind up dead. Egypt still maintains the ability to resolve its issues without initiating a civil war of death and destruction of society.