Oracle Fidel Predicts Future

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a young man named Fidel Castro was regarded as among the brightest and courageous in the world. He had led a revolution that drove from power the dictator, Batista, and Cubans looked forward to a new world in which democracy and honesty in government would be the norm. Ah, that was young Fidel, but within a few years, the man who personified democratic rule decided that Batista might have had the right idea about being a dictator and stifling opposition. Within a few years, if one did not adore Fidel, if one did not stand for hours while Fidel ranted on and on about whatever entered his head, then that individual might soon discover the pleasant environment of a prison cell. During the past few years the people of Cuba were spared his orations which eventually became a parody of the self intellectually bloated leader whose speeches were for his own ego rather than any edification of the nation. Suddenly, Fidel emerged from sickness to inform the world he had uncovered the truth of the future.

According to Fidel, the United States is headed for a nuclear war against North Korea. If you have doubts as to whether this will be the outcome of America’s foreign policy, just tune into Fidel and get the scoop. After all, he has had four years with nothing to do but sit quietly and read.