Orange Revolution Victorious In Ukraine

It appears President Viktor Yushchenko and his Orange Revolution partner, Yulia Tymoshenko, will form a coalition government in the Ukraine. They originally formed a coalition during the Orange Revolution in 2004 which forced pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych to resign after he attempted to gain power through a fraudulent election. The Ukraine is divided in half. The eastern portion has more Russian speaking people who tend to support close ties with Russia while the western half speaks Ukranian and seeks to become a member of the European Union. On the other hand Yushcenko and Tymoshenko dislike one another but are compelled by circumstances to be partners.

In the 21st century we continue living with ancient territorial arrangements that threw together disparate peoples into one nation. Democracy is wonderful, but it also enables this old disputes to become even more intensified as groups vie with one another for power. Eastern Ukraine obviously does not wish to be governed by Ukranian speaking political leaders. The important question is whether or not compromise will succeed in maintaining peace and stability.