Orthodox Jews Proclaim God On Their Side!

Believers in any form of Orthodox religion invariably inform the world they have a special hot line connected to God who informs them of what is right or wrong. Over 100,000 Orthodox Jews took to the streets of Jerusalem protesting attempt by the government to have their daughters attend classes with girls of other ethnic origin. Many parents of Ashkenazi origin–European– do not want their daughters in classes with girls from Middle Eastern or North American descent since it is known to the Orthodox such children are not as connected to God nor do they possess the same intelligence as a true Orthodox child. As Carter(now, that is a real Jewish name) Schwartz from North America puts it: “The Sephardic Jews are less observant, they dress differently. It’s like sending kids of a totally different learning level to Harvard,, and the government forces(Harvard) to take them in.” Israeli courts support actions of the government and have ordered some parents sent to jail for defying the law.

Dressed in their traditional black garb and wide-rimmed hats, bearded m archers held aloft banners saying, “God will rule for all eternity.” As far as historians and archeologists can tell, ancient Jews did not wear wide-brimmed hats, and they sure as heck did not speak in English. The Haredim trace their presence in Jerusalem back hundreds of years and prefer to live apart from other Jews who they believe just don’t make the “real jewish” level they possess. Perhaps, there will be some sign from God like a thunder bolt to prove who is the “real Jew.”