Orwell Alive In Los Angeles

It becomes increasingly clear that it makes scant difference which political party is in power when issues of human rights arise. Our president used to teach constitutional law, but wants the Patriot Act and defends wire tapping–in the national interest and guess who decides what is the national interest. Robert Rosebruck, a veteran, has been protesting outside the Veterans Administration complex in Los Angeles because he wants land set aside to house homeless veterans. His protest includes displaying the American flag upside down. Judge Oterao agreed free speech rights had been violated, but went on to say the veteran’s action “to shine light on the plight of homeless veterans was laudable, “BUT, it was not in the “public interest” to allow the display.

Do we have free speech rights or does the “public interest” supersede those rights? That, my friends, is THE issue?

Oh, who decides what constitutes the “public interest?”