Orwellian Chinese Response To Nobel Prize

George Orwell must be smiling at recent comments of the Chinese government concerning award of the Nobel Peace prize to Lliu Xiaobo, the dissident Chinese fighter for freedom. The wife of Liu, who did NOT receive any peace prize, was placed under house arrest for disturbing something in China although exactly what is her crime is still to be decided. A group of twenty people who got together to celebrate his Nobel Peace prize found themselves arrested for– perfect Orwell language–“disturbing the social order” while the Chinese government termed having one of its citizens receive a prize for working for peace, an “insult” to the nation. House organ, China Daily, interpreted having an award for peace bestowed on one of its citizens as an example of seeking to “contain China.” Let me get this straight, if one receives an award due to efforts working for peace, the real meaning is that one received an award in order to disturb the peace!

I guess George Orewll is sorry at not having lived long enough to see his prediction of how a totalitarian society would operate come true. This column undoubtedly is an attempt to contain the silliness of China to the mainland of China and save the remainder of this planet from being contaminated by minds that twist language to suit their own purposes.