Osama bin Laden Alive And Well

I vividly recall our former president standing at the site of 9/11 with a mike in his hand and promising the American people and the world that we would get Osama bin Laden, dead of alive. Gee, that was about nine years ago. Of course, US forces had Osama bin Laden trapped in the Tora Bora area, but the president had other things in his mind such as finding the ever elusive WMD which were aimed at Miami Beach and threatened to wipe out the tourist season as well as incinerate a few hundred thousand Jews. George is currently cutting wood in Texas. If George, and his buddies Don and Dick, really want to capture Osama bin Laden, dead or alive, all they have to do is get on a plane, fly to Pakistan, and walk a few miles to the house where the ever elusive Osama currently resides.

A senior official told CNN rthat Osama and Afghan leader Mullah Omar are presently living comfortably, not in caves, but in houses in Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan. I wonder if George could persuade some Texas Rangers to get on that plane and go up to the houses, politely knock on the doors, and ask Osama and Mullah if they would mind returning with them to the USA? It would sure please George. At least he could deliver on one promise he made to America.

  • Jim O’Neill

    I think he is dead. Or worst yet he lives in the USA.