Osama bin Laden-Not Dead And Still Alive!

Seven years have gone by since President George Bush in the flush of victory in Afghanistan promised the American people he would get Osama bin Laden, dead or alive. Osama is still alive and Bush is dead as president of the United States leaving that office with the lowest rating of any president in history. CIA Director Michael Hayden told the Atlantic Council that Osama bin Laden is hiding somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan near the Pakistan border and now appears to be isolated from day-by-day operations of al-Qaeda. According to Hayden, the problem is the spread of al-Qaeda to other regions of the world including Asia, Africa and other parts of the Middle East.

The CIA Director ignored why al-Qaeda is spreading all over the world. If he could speak honestly, the reason is clear–George Bush’s disastrous war in Iraq enabled al-Qaeda to obtain volunteers from Muslim nations in the world and to give them excellent training in sabotage, guerrilla warfare tactics and death and destruction. Hayden still buys into the Bush belief that capturing Osama bin Laden “clearly would have an impact on the confidence of his follower.” Why? They are doing well without him in an active leadership role.

  • Anonymous


    how could you kill theone with all the information USA needs NAW Bs) Bush lying bac faking like it really killed him that OUR BLAC PRESIDENT WAS THE ONE WITH THE UPPER HAND an GAVE PERMISSION TO KKKKKKKKKIIILLLLLL !! TORCH HIM

  • anonymous

    hi to all
    so many people ask if bin laden dead or not ????but the strongest question that has been marked ten years ago if this man exist already yet ??? i thinks we see a sc fi film

  • http://www.facebook.com manoj khadka

    though people are too happy coz of his death (american and his helper) another laden will born against american rule around world.

  • anonymous

    a story created with no ending it’s clear when H clinton say :( the war against terrorism never ends we continue…..) but they have killed the most wanted one bin laden allright
    so where is the promises to present him to justice ????
    so they continue laying also mislead


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  • Sandeep Shukla

    Osama Bin Laden Is Dead,Ya It’s True,But Photographs Were Fake,The Persons Who Are Saying He Is Alive,They Are Osama’s Fans,And In Any Situation They Will Not Believe That He Is Dead.US Neavy Seal Team Have Done A Great Job,Osama Was A Evil Because He Killed Innocent Peoples,But As We All Know That God Is Here At Earth Forever And God Gave Him Punishment For Taking Innocent Lifes.

  • Sandeep Shukla

    I Feel Osama’s Soul Is At Earth Because God Didn’t Allowed Him In Hell,God Knows That He Will Create Another Al-Queda In Hell.There Should Be An Order Of Shoot To Kill For Every Terrorists Because They Are Not Humans They Are Evils From Hell.

  • Sandeep Shukla

    Manoj If Evey Person Will Think Like You Then Yes Another Laden Will Born And He Will Also Kill Innocent People,But Think New Laden Can Also Spot You Or Your Country,So Why You Think Such Things Why You Don’t Think That We Will Fight Against Terror.Don’t Let Another Laden Born,Spot Him And Finish Him,Either He Will Kill You For Nothing.

  • anonymous

    Ahhhhh really a small minds dicouss people here when talks about another ben laden born to kill innocent it’s a big mistake because the anti christ who can do that if you have faith in god you’ll be safe.
    Please wrestle from fools.

  • Sandeep Shukla

    Your Point Is Right.

  • Sandeep Shukla

    5 Video Tapes Of Osama Bin Laden Have Came Out Recently,And This Videos Are Found From Bin Laden’s Compound.

  • Peter

    If osama is dead,wow the soldiers need re training,you do not shoot someone who has valuable information,every soldier knows that.If he is still alive, then the american government has created the biggest conspiracy the world has ever known.We will find out soon as this will explode like a bomb as there are too many people involved.

  • anonymous

    peter big regard that is the truth we rememeber a story tell that Israelites to be tested and to find for themselves with their faith in God. when God speaks and delivers to Moses the Ten Commandments they creat a god of their own .
    so wrestle from fools for our happiness eternal

  • sleepwalk

    If Osama is dead the soldier who killed him made a huge and stupid mistake, i think he’s allive, you don’t just kill the “most wanted” like that, and if he’s dead, why throw the body to the see? they know the world would ask for his body and if they haven’t, they’re stupid not to. Remember that the media is the most powerful weapon in the world and USA can control it as they want. That’s my opinion inside Osama as a real person, but what if all is a trick of the USA government? and Osama is just a guy that they have at their will to fake videos and blame for the “attack” of 9/11 (by the way, it’s imposible the towers could fall like that with 2 airplanes, is physically imposible) and all for the excuse to declare war to a country for the oil, you think that if Osama really hate USA and everything, he would show his face in videos to know him and they look for him? or even say where he’s from, it’s illogical.
    Inside the “reality” they use that fake new to reelect Osama and to distract the sight of the world in Lybia. If you really think what media says, they have done a great job with you. Just think about it, every opinion is ok to me because everyone has right to express their opinions, and this is just mine.

  • Sandeep Shukla

    Sleepwalk May Be Your Point Is Correct Bcz Laden’s Dead Body Was Not Shown To Media Or To Anybody Else Except Nevy Seal Army,So There Is A Point To Think That Why This Action Was Taken So Immidietly.Wait For Some Days Everything Would Be Clear.

  • Ludwig

    You are all wrong! They have killed the clown Ronald McDonald!

    To Anonymous and all others who believe that Ben Laden’s death is a lie: I think you do not exist, because I did not saw any evidences of you such as ADN, video, picture or birth certificate. What proof do you have that you are alive? So what you have written does not exist. I see no evidence of your existence at all.

    I suspect that you are agents of the government who are attempting to distract us from the fact that Ronald McDonald has been murdered by the CIA.

    Muneeb Khan, take a deep breath!

    Jake the Snake, it’s a code name of an agent provocateur. It is proof that this forum was infiltrated by the media and the government of Obama.

    Fake, you are as fake as the fake world you live in!

    Terry, you too, you do not exist.

    Your Dad, I really doubt that you exist.

    Phil, just show me your body, otherwise I cannot trust you.

    Thisiz some bullshit, show me your birth certificate first, before writing anything. Do you want us to forget that you were never born?

    Sleepwalk, it think it is illogical to think that you exist. But that is my opinion.

  • trust_no_one

    ludwig big regards but you have a narrow minded .look if you have faith in god you can not believe this big story created to distrub the world
    our god give us brain to analyse and see what is good or wrong how great is our god

  • sleepwalk

    i do exist ludwig
    i’m just a common person like you and everyone else, i can assure you i’m as real as you and, this is just me but, i don’t believe in god or any god this are just humans killing humans we’re beasts, and it’s illogical to think god does exist, but we’re getting out of the main theme here.

  • sleepwalk

    i may add another theory i’ve just heard
    osama is dead, but not beacause USA kill him.
    they just found his body already dead and claim that they kill him to gain the trust of their people, they obvioulsy threw him at the sea beacuse a authopsy sould show he wasn’t killed by the USA, maybe just maybe the Al-Qaeda itself kill him for some reason and they just found the body, and while al qaeda gives a shit about osama’s body usa is celebrating the lie that he’s dead to recieve some support and many other things.

  • mansoor

    I Think Us Army & Intelligence fail to find out Usama Bin ladin & Us Hiding intelligence failure & showing Drama In Abbottabad , I 100% Show Al-Qaida Chief Is alive Or may be possible Usama Demise his own home town

  • http://bestdreambiz.net/restricted/ Osama is Not Dead

    Video proof hidden from public; Osama is not dead http://bestdreambiz.net/restricted/

    The video was uploaded and was hidden from General Public from Federal Authority