Osama bin Laden-Not Dead And Still Alive!

Seven years have gone by since President George Bush in the flush of victory in Afghanistan promised the American people he would get Osama bin Laden, dead or alive. Osama is still alive and Bush is dead as president of the United States leaving that office with the lowest rating of any president in history. CIA Director Michael Hayden told the Atlantic Council that Osama bin Laden is hiding somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan near the Pakistan border and now appears to be isolated from day-by-day operations of al-Qaeda. According to Hayden, the problem is the spread of al-Qaeda to other regions of the world including Asia, Africa and other parts of the Middle East.

The CIA Director ignored why al-Qaeda is spreading all over the world. If he could speak honestly, the reason is clear–George Bush’s disastrous war in Iraq enabled al-Qaeda to obtain volunteers from Muslim nations in the world and to give them excellent training in sabotage, guerrilla warfare tactics and death and destruction. Hayden still buys into the Bush belief that capturing Osama bin Laden “clearly would have an impact on the confidence of his follower.” Why? They are doing well without him in an active leadership role.

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    bin wait for 44th role

  • kevin

    Osama bin ladin is dead now ! Us officals shot and killed him !

  • SA

    Really Kevin? What proof do we have?

  • http://mdshakil1970@yahoo.in osama bin laden not dead its a wrong panic
  • cory vanderveen

    LOLS right…how long did it take them to kill suddam and how obvious was it to all of us when he was dead? pretty quickly and quite obviously are the answers…and yet osama survives 9 years after the attacks just because he’s lucky??!? i doubt it…more likely there is an agreement bet. obama and osama and all of this is most likely a vote grabbing gimmick in preparation for next years elections.

  • MrContra

    osama is not dead,thats all bulshit and lies,but what is the reason for that lie?

  • nowayhose

    Libya is out of the news ….. replaced by this LIE

  • ashton

    You guys have no patience. Its well known that they are debating about the pictures. If it is not true then we won’t get a photo by the end of the week or somebody from the white house, pentagon, jsoc or the ship would leak something. I am more curious about the video they may have though. Also if its a lie I don’t think they would make that mistake.

  • Thisiz some bullshit


  • Smart Person

    you guys are fucking retarded. the guy is dead. Deal with it! No big deal. No crazy conspiracies going on here.

  • Anonymous

    asholes y shud w blive america oll d tym bin laden is america u guys were lukin 4 a way to fuck the middle east fuck u n yo mfukn mamas bitches

  • loo

    load of shit..obama using this scandle to increase popularity of his presidency…with in a couple of years from now there will most likely be another act of terrorism in america, and you know who they will blame..yes the muslim worshipers of usama bin laden.this will lead to a whole nother reason to wage war. people need to bloody wakeup and smell the shit…the nwo is another step towards its goal, total control of the world.

  • Kris.

    We do not know if Osama Bin Laden is killed.
    Everything I know is that he is not killed, there is no evidence to support the death of Osama Bin Laden.

    It is simply something we don’t know, and I don’t care. There is worse people to get first, such as yourself and ourself.

  • n0ni

    bin laden is not killed this all wz drama for more votes and saddam is also alive wake up usa

  • Humasima

    Wow…there are some real retards attracted to this site. If you want to bring up a conspiracy theory…at least make it reasonable. This is not about birth certificates, it’s about a bullet to the skull. Are people more willing to believe DNA results on Maury then they are in this case? Come on, bring a real argument or stfu.

  • anonymos

    hi all so american people are too far from reality they just looks like a toys in hands controlled ???
    a story created to declare a war againts islamic people by stupid idea a terrorism hwo is a real terrorism ? that is the qustion because islam couran its calls for freedom and unity

  • Orlando

    OK. He is not dead… YET. Why would America kill someone who was UNARMED with such valuable information? They wouldn’t. He is in Guantánamo Bay being tortured. And the American government KNEW there would be lots of doubt and conspiracies if they didn’t release the pictures IMMEDIATELY. So why didn’t they? Because they didn’t have them. He is being tortured. And when the torture is done, the government will shoot him in the chest and the eye ect. and then say “These gunshot wounds were inflicted in Pakistan.”

  • GARY

    This is the dumbest group of mother fuckers I have ever seen. First of all, if you don’t know how to spell, take your bullshit elsewhere. Second of all, get over yourselves. Dude is dead, becuase we killed him. Nobody has to prove a damn thing to you. You measly souls are but a blip on the government’s radar. You bear no importance, and nobody cares what you think.

  • jankie

    I’ve take a look at the pictures of his body. Definitly fake, and photoshopped. I personally think that Osama Bin Laden is not dead, and has a plan with or without Obama or the US Army.
    That guy is a god to his men, why would his men or he, himself, go and sit in a villa that just pops outta a barnyard ?

  • Dave

    I agree with Gary. Stupid people should not have strong feelings on any subject. Your all stupid, he’s dead. Look in the mirror and tell me what you see. Gary, what are we going to do with these retards.

  • Phil

    Yeah, the bad guy is dead?
    Just show me the body.
    As simple as that.

  • Ferzy11

    Phill is rigth! Why a dna test and osama photoshoped when you can show his FULL BODY and many pictures of him

  • Anonymous

    Wow Gary you are real dumb you just believe anything you see or hear…… and the rest of the stupid cunts that think his dead because the media said so, if u check up osama bin laden not dead on google images you will find convincing evidence that the photos of him released are obviously photoshoped, he’s died 9 times in the past 10 years according to the media.
    i really doubt his dead.

  • Your Dad

    Wow Gary you are real dumb you just believe anything you see or hear…… and the rest of the stupid cunts that think his dead because the media said so, if u check up osama bin laden not dead on google images you will find convincing evidence that the photos of him released are obviously photoshoped, he’s died 9 times in the past 10 years according to the media.
    i really doubt his dead.

  • Muneeb Khan

    Who the fuck do you think you are GARY ? you killed him ? why prove ? Go fuck yourself. You Americans are the retarded one. A guy named Usama Bin Laden got his men plastic surgeries of his own face. Thats what you retards said right ? Y the fuck do you think he wouldnt be in another face. Fuck you america. fuck out of pakitan. gonna kill ya all….morons…

  • Muneeb Khan

    lol america is a such a shit, when 9/11 happened. nothing was investigated nor was any operation being held during the collision. how can it be ? it was falling. the building was actually falling. and during that they tarted popping fuckin news that usama bin laden did :S then said becaue of the jetfuel the teel melted :S lolx during the collision :D ?? ROFL. fuck you america.

  • Muneeb Khan

    and Gary try not to be a moron for a change :S

  • Unknown
  • howard

    any body seen unthinkable with samuel l jackson thats what is happening to osama bit odd they would kill him and dump him in the sea wonder y? so nobody can find him. he is being tortured somewhere im not complaining though fuck it the guys a terrorist. he probably knows far too much information about terrorism to just be killed

  • w00t

    hes not dead
    DNA proofs take at least 1 month
    also Osama has doubles who act like him
    by the way theres no evidence about his death no pics no videos no NOTHING
    its a big fake to calm down the masses
    this ll be a great social change for everyone
    Osama is only the first,people will fight against imperialism of USA and the corruption in the ONU,but violence is not the way to do
    people dont likes war but they started
    يا حي الشهداء for the arabs
    and sorry for all those soldiers who died in the gulf

  • GARY

    No, Muneeb Khan, I did not kill him, you stinky Arab bitch. However, I did spend five years in the Marine Corps, so I do know a little bit more about these types of situations than your dumb ass. Where are you? Pakistan? You probably lived right across the street from that bastard and helped him wash his camel. Fuck you, Muneeb. You are worthless and insignificant to me. As for the rest of you that are insisting bin Laden’s death is a fake due to a photoshopped picture; Did the thought ever cross your minds that those pictures probably weren’t released by the government? Some retard conspiracy theorist doctored up that photo and put it on the web for everyone to see. Suckers like you, Your Dad, took the bait. Go on, dumb ass… Drink the Kool-Aid, it’s good for you.

  • Charlotte

    The irony of calling yourself “Smart Person” and then not having anything of any intelligence to say is the most hilarious thing I have seen all day.
    Gary, nobody cares about your racism or opinion or however long you were in the Marine rarara not interested. Being in the Marine Corps, does not guarantee instant knowledge on whether terrorists are dead or not.
    I hate to break it to you, but you have the same knowledge base as everyone else when it comes to who’s dead and who isn’t.
    I’d like to point out, that a person denying the death of bin Laden, would obviously not create a fake photo.
    You’re clearly American, which makes it easier to understand why you are so gullible.
    This isn’t the first time people have claimed that Osama is dead.
    I don’t believe for one second that bin Laden is dead and will not until I see some solid evidence, are you going to start racially abusing me too Gary? Or do I get away with it being called Charlotte?
    If there weren’t so many knobhead racist American pricks we probably wouldn’t have the same problem with terrorism.

  • Rawr

    Wtf are you idiotic conspiracy nutjobs talking about? If you guys said he isn’t dead,that’s like saying Hitler is still alive.

  • GARY

    Charlotte, you’re an idiot. I didn’t say I knew for a fact he was dead. It was an implication to the fact that there are things that go on in this country that not everybody knows about. I apologize for serving my time and having faith in our military and our government. I didn’t realize I was going to hurt your feelings (I don’t care). By the way, I’m not racist, but when some Arab says “Fuck you america. fuck out of pakitan. gonna kill ya all….morons…,” I take offense to that, and I’m going to defend myself and stand up for America. If you really are as ignorant and naive as you sound, you are a part of the cancerous population that is tearing this great nation apart. Thank you Charlotte, for you meaningless contribution to society.

  • Mama

    He is alive and well and lives in Miami!!!!!

  • Jeroen

    He died several times according to the media.
    But this time it’s pretty big, people are celebrating his death, even if they didn’t see evidence.
    The story got twisted several times, first he used a woman as human shield, then he was unarmed.
    Apparently, they didn’t arrest him, they shot him on sight.

    That makes NO fucking sense, he wasn’t a threat at the moment because he was unarmed and it seems unlogical to me to shoot someone that has some valuable information that could possible be the end of terrorist leaders.

    So if they REALLY did kill him, they were so goddamn stupid.

    Again, no pics, no evidence.

  • Rob

    “Really Kevin? What proof do we have?”

    What proof do you have that he’s alive?

    Let’s think about it logically. If Osama is dead then why hasn’t he made a statement saying otherwise? Well, I suppose you could say he’s working for the US. That would imply that he’s been working for us since the beginning. That would implicate a lot of people, don’t you think?

    I’d like to think that the more people involved in a conspiracy, the less realistic it becomes. Kind of hard to keep that many people silent.

    Oh, who am I kidding! You’re gonna believe whatever you choose. Logic be damned. Enjoy your stay in batshit crazytown.

  • Mama

    He is American after all !!! why kill some of their own

  • Anonymous

    this was written in 2008… bin laden is soooooooooooooooooooooo dead. The Obama haters have turned against the military now, against Navy seals. Something good happened while a black guy with a funny name was president, impossible! Brain Hurt!!

  • Phil

    The way this “US Navy Seal Operation” was done is not the American way of surrending their enemies.

    Americans love the power of press to show their achievements: when they’ve got Saddam we had zillions of photos, international court and hanging.

    If Americans can’t show (real) photos of Bin Laden dead, I think that he had been killed long ago and this “US Navy Seal Operation” was just a bad joke.

  • terry

    the truth is osama bin laden is not exist!!!!!!!

  • FAKE

    It’s a Fake world out there.

  • john

    osoma still alive with us..takbir..

  • john

    fuck america..!!

  • Scotticus

    Why is it clear that Osama Bin Laden is Dead? Al-Qaeda wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to humiliate the USA by parading out a live bin Laden on Al-Jeezera News as soon as it was announced that he’d been killed. It’s as simple as that.

  • http://stop-the-machine.blogspot.com abdul zerox

    This is all one big HOAX. Can’t you see people? The whole story is fabricated, it has no base at all, the reporters are lying. There is NO EVIDENCE AT ALL. If we don’t bring our voice out, nothing will ever change. THEY HAVE MADE A BIG BLUNDER THIS TIME, AND WE CAN HIT THEM HARD NOW, DO NOT KEEP SILENT!!

  • http://energygamer.net/ Esteron

    wtf, is he dead or not…

  • Jake The Snake

    There is a lot of idiots out there who would drink news Kool-Aid by the buckets.I think his death was staged for several reason.
    1) To distract people who are disgusted about oil prices rising. Yup, Dont look at the news of rising oil prices, look at OBL reports of his death all day long.

    2) Funny how they waited till after the Royal wedding to kill him. Perhaps they didnt want to share press time between the wedding and the news report as a way to “grandstand”.

    3) Obama’s approval raing were in the dumps and Donald Trump bashing of Obama needed to be diverted and lo’ and behold-the assasination “just happened”. Perhaps Obama preparing for the next election and needs a few extra votes from the idiot masses who believe this news.

    4) In the past United States have released photos of dead assholes like Ude Hussein,yet the wont release the photos of the “most wanted man in the world”.

    5) I am not going to take the report of his death as face value since ALL goverments lie. I tell you what. Call your auto insurance and make a claim about an accident and see if they would pay to repair you car without photos of the damages. NOT A SINGLE COMPANY WOULD PAY YOUR CLAIM WITHOUT PHOTOS OF DAMAGES period.

  • preston

    i belive that they captured him and are going to torture him for info but that his death was a scam for muslims

  • Anonymous

    Bin Laden Is Alive still ,its just like yesterday ( personal opioin thinks that they put someone else in replace of BIN LADEN all them @ss wipeslook alike )they smart 2 they just had it maped outbefore time. Bin send me some DOE$