Osama No Longer Criminal. Or, Is He?

Federal prosecutors have asked a judge to drop all criminal charges against Osama bin Laden and their request was approved. Officially, Osama is no longer a wanted man. Of course, after checking with my local conspiracy expert, this is premature. As of this date, we have not been able to identify the body of Osama bin Laden although the Obama administration insists it was dumped into the Pacific Ocean. Should we trust the word of a Muslim who was born in Africa and has a name that sounds rather like that of Osama? Should we trust this Obama guy who witnessed a jump in popularity due to “killing” Osama bin Laden? My Conspiracy friend has EVIDENCE that Osama bin Laden was spirited away from his hangout in Pakistan and is now working at a McDonald’s in Cairo. If you to to the McDonald’s which is located close to the US Embassy in Cairo a rather tall, lanky dark skinned man will be seen behind the counter. Sneak up to him and shout, “Osama,” and watch him jump in surprise!

Why is he still alive? Frankly, the entire 9/11 attack was planned and carried out by the CIA in order to make certain dumbo George Bush became a hero to Americans. This guy “Osama bin Laden” was at that point giving camel rides to children when a CIA agent noticed he resembled a prominent Saudi Arabia man. Thus, was born the myth of “Osama bin Laden.”

If you don’t believe me, go to McDonald’s in Cairo!!