Osamaman Awakes From Slumber

It is an anniversary of death so naturally, Osama bin Laden has to get into the act with another of his boring tirades against the West, against the United States, and, above all, against Israel. The Osamaman said Barack Obama was powerless to bring peace to Afghanistan and vowed to increase the level of attacks. Of course, there is not the slightest piece of evidence the Osamaman has any influence over the Taliban and considerable doubt they even want him around.

He urged Americans to liberate themselves from the Bush era and join his alliance in the fight to wipe out Israel. Naturally, he blamed 9/11 attacks on Israel and promised once that nation was abandoned thee would be peace, prosperity and joy throughout the Muslim world.

It would be breath taking if the Osamaman could actually make a speech in which the word, “Israel” does not appear. Osamaman, how about them rich Arab princes who gave you the money to fight while denying poor Arabs money? How about the rights of Muslim women– is their lack the result of Israel?