Oscar And Lee

Oscar Pistorious and Lee Joon-soek are currently in the news due to their actions,k or one might claim, their lack of actions which resulted in the death of innocent people. Oscar has just completed a tough trial during which he cried, he vomited, he howled and begged forgiveness since one night he took out his weapon of minor destruction, a revolver, and blasted away at the door of a bathroom in order to kill an intruder –who, of course never existed. His girl friend, Reeva wound up dead. Lee Joon-soek commanded a ferry and decided as the ferry headed for landing to take a nap. He turned over the wheel to his third mate and the result is death for over 300 people, many of them being students.

Lee is now howling and crying and vomiting and begging forgiveness for leaving a boat filled with people attempting to get off because he did not see why the captain had to go down with the ship. A rather old fashioned idea. Together with the first, the second mate, and assorted crew members he fled the scene.

So, how does one respond to a person who killed, but whose remorse leads to filling the air with howls of grief, uncontrollable crying and begging forgiveness? I assume they believe putting on a performance of grief entitles them to live. In many respects their behaviors are not that far different from those on Wall Street who howl when asked to pay another 1% tax!