Oscar Just A Hypervigilant Person

The seemingly endless trial of Oscar Pistorious continues and continues as defense attorneys present “evidence” that depicts a man who felt threatened and helpless due to having lost his legs and now wears artificial ones. Professor Dwayne Derman of the University of Cape Town whose specialty is physical exercise, told the court his former pupil felt threatened and this was the cause of blasting away. According to the professor, Oscar was frightened and the fact he had artificial legs made him feel helpless. It was a question of flight or fight. He decided to confront death rather than flee from it and thus leave his girl friend, Reeva Steekamp to be brutally raped or killed. He shot her because he was attempting to save her!! There was no evil intention, there was no anger toward Reeva, this man was simply doing his best, despite being crippled to save the girl he love. That is why she is dead.

Professor Derman emphasized that Oscar was behaving in an instinctual fashion. ” A reflex is something that you do not have control over.” Derman learned in working with Pistorious that he was a “hyper vigilante”person. He was “restless looking around and constantly scanning at potential threats” to his being. OK, so he shot her, OK, so she is dead. The important thing is that this man was trying to save his girl friend and that is why she is dead! Blame the threats that exist in South Africa for the murder, not the mane who feared death!