Our Ancestors Were NOT White Europeans!

Recent discoveries in northern areas of Africa indicate our traditional view that Europeans came out of Africa many eons ago and thus Africa is the scene of our birth as a species. I realize such comments arouse anger among Tea Party and other right wing folk who are convinced we whites have always been in America and we have to protect ourselves from being diluted by those people from Africa. It now appears about 38 million years ago some anthropoid primates from Asia found a way get to the island continent of Africa and thus we folk were born. The sudden appearance of a new species on an island continent can only be explained by forces outside the immediate region who found their way to North Africa. According to Dr.Beard of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, “If our early anthropoid ancestors had not succeeded in migrating from Asia to Africa, we simply wouldn’t exist.”

Does this mean Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are just a couple of refugees from Asia via Africa? Do they have birth certificates proving they are really Africans or are they simply original Africans who lack the intelligence of our Asian ancestors?

It is nice to know we are all Chinese under the skin.