Our Wedding Present To Us

I so enjoy reading an interesting human interest story which contains a surprise twist at the denouement. An ordinary story about marriage and honeymoon revolves around sunset walks on the beach or a wonderful evening on the town, boring. But, if you are interested in a vivid event for a marriage and honeymoon, just check in with Elytte Barbour and his 18 year old bride, Miranda. Since they were getting married, they wanted an event their children could regard as special. Twenty years from now, the Barbours will be huddled around the fire place with the kids while all enjoy a special story from the past. Elytte and Miranda went on Craigslist, lured a man to their home with a story of him being able to have some fun and sex with Miranda. Troy LaFerrara arrived, he was soon attacked by Elytte who choked him while Miranda stabbed the man to death.

Imagine if we offered such wonderful wedding nights to all seeking a special event to initiate their marriage! Oh well, just another day in the lives of newly married folk. Only in America!