Out Of Mouth Of Babes

Malala Yousafzai risked her life to speak out for freedom in Pakistan in order to ensure that females had a right to education. She was shot and her friends continue to be terrorized, but the 16 year old continues her fight against evil. She met with President Barack Obama and thanked the United States for its “work in supporting education in Pakistan and Afghanistan.” However, she also told the president that use of drones resulted in the reality that “innocent victims are killed in these acts and they lead to resentment among the Pakistan people.” I recognize that Malala never went to Harvard, she does not have the training of someone like Obama, but she is close to the world of Pakistan. Obama simply does not grasp that killing some militants may not be worth the damage it does to gaining the support of Pakistanis and Afghans.

Despite repeated claims by the American government that, at best, only 5%of drone attacks are civilians, there is abundant evidence the government figure does not gibe with human rights experts. There sometimes comes a moment when one must take a step back in order to go forward.