Outsource Congress?

The American free enterprise system is undoubtedly the marvel of the world. We manufacture cars whose engines might be produced in country A and the windows in country B. It is about time to consider the possibility of outsourcing the American Congress. The House of Representatives just barely passed a bill to allow a rise in our debt ceiling. Most Republicans are outraged because they were forced to vote for the bill even though in doing so, it might result in being challenged by a Tea Party nutcase during the primary. Republicans are not satisfied with how Congress, Democrats are not pleased with Congress. And, certainly, the American people are not satisfied.

OK, the Solomon Islands just outsourced their police system to Australia and now Australians handle crime on the islands. Isn’t there some legislature, some place in the world that actually functions? How about a two year experiment with a Parliamentary system? I gather Switzerland does OK? They certainly know how to handle money?

Of course, if we really want an efficient system, why not ask the Mafia to take over Congress–at least for an experiment. Who would you like making decisions about your life–John Boehner or the Don, himself? Which of these two would you trust to make certain your life is not ended??