Outsourcing Student Work-What’s Next To Outsource?

We outsource making shirts to Asian societies, we outsource computer needs, we outsource information requests, so what is wrong with outsourcing commenting on student work in college courses? Dr.Chanru Rajan has created a company which will examine student work submitted to a professor and make appropriate comments so neither the professor or his Teaching Assistants haas to undergo the boring experience of wading through student work and learning how students think. After all, the important thing about giving a test is the grade, not gaining insight into how one’s lecture is being perceived by students. As the good doctor notes, “I like to half-jokingly point out that a mother is outsourcing childcare to a daycare provider.” His company charges $12 per student assignment.

As a teacher for the last 54 years who has read at least 80,000 papers, I find this simply the latest episode in the anti-intellectual behavior of college professors. An exam is an opportunity to carefully examine the thinking process of students. I can not grasp how someone who has not been in my class can evaluate work.

I have given this serious thought. How about outsourcing work in Congress to people in Myanmar, after all they don’t know squat about our health care needs but at $12 per Congressmen each bill, we can save money and, who knows, get a better response.