Overloading Planet With Fat!

Sitting in a coffee shop is an experience in observing the  human condition of FAT. Hardly anyone enters who is not grossly overweight. It is now a normal sight to see a ten year old child who is aspiring to be an overweight mom or dad. Current estimates are that nearly 60% of Americans are overweight. Finally, there is concrete evidence about the Fat Factor in this world.

Recent studies reveal that at least one billion are overweight. Shucks, let us not say, “overweight,” but employ the more accurate-FAT. Here are figures on how much people weigh around the world:

World average–62 kilograms

UK–75  kilograms

USA– 81 kilograms

Asia — 57.7 kilograms

Europe — 70.8 kilograms

Due to this excessive biomass by 2050 there will be an extra 2.5 billion people on this plant.

Save the planet, save eating those french fries.