OWS At Foley Square

The forces of truth, justice and morality once again triumphed in the war against dirty filthy mouthed opponents of all we hold dear in this nation founded on Judaic-Christian principles. Mayor Bloomberg ordered police units to invade OWS tents in Zucotti park, arrest over 130 people,  and tear down tents. Along the way they seized tons of equipment and property that belonged to those who had been camping out for social justice. Reporters and photographers were barred from observing this military operation because there was fear enemies of the United States might obtain pictures that would be damaging to our national interests.

I have no problem with New York City police invading Wall Street. Of course, it might be more interesting if they invaded headquarters of Wall  Street firms which have robbed Americans of their life savings. It would be more interesting if they seized tons of documents which would reveal how those with power manipulate the system to make more money. But, of course, these words would more likely fit as part of a fairy tale how the good fairy beat the bad monsters lurking in a park and made New York City once again a clean and beautiful city.