OWS For Real!

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators were back in the streets demanding explanations for why Scott Olsen, a former soldier in Iraq was injured by Oakland police because he expressed an opinion about Wall Street. Mr. Olsen had spent months standing up for the American people only to return home and get wounded by the American police. Snow will shortly arrive in eastern, midwestern and far west areas so it remains unclear whether these people can continue with their protest movement.

Recent protest groups such as OWS or the Tea Party have been loud in demanding change, but aside from shouts of anger it remains unclear as to exactly what is being urged. For the benefit of OWS we list some demands that would satisfy these wonderful people:

1. Extend the Social Security tax to cover ALL income.

2. Pass a bill that offers those at 18 the option of two years engaged in Public Service in exchange for free college education.

3. Raise top levels of the tax code to 50% of all income above one million.

4. Enact a one trillion dollar rebuilding our infrastructure bill.

5. End “No Child Left Behind” and create a new national curriculum which deals with education for the 21st century.