OWS Occupies Our Minds

The Occupy Wall Street movement has not only spread throughout the United States but is now found in most nations of the world. The central question is not whether one agrees or disagrees with ideas of these groups, but why did they emerge at this moment in world history? The Tea Party burst on the scene two years ago, but its manifesto was one aimed at protecting the rights, money and  power of those with wealth. Is it any surprising that a counter group has emerged which seeks to protect the rights, money, and power of those without wealth?

Just about each week comes another report on wealth in America. All make clear the top one percent own at least 22% of our wealth and 400 FAMILIES make more than 140,000,000 people! Frustration with the decline of the middle class, with the growth of poverty, and with a growing sense that most Americans are strangers in the new strange land of those with controlling those without.

We now inhabit the United States of Wealthy Americans. USWA believes that God ordained their wealth and power. Who knows, one day USWA might be transformed into USA.