Oxford Defends Racism

Oxford University is upset. Prime Minister David Cameron insulted the institution by claiming it was “disgraceful” that only one black student was studying at Oxford last year. The university wants the world to know that among its 2500 students, there were, not one, but 26 other students who were of black origin and another 14 of mixed black descent. How could anyone claim that Oxford is not doing its best to admit students of black origin?

Prime Minister Cameron also noted the percent of students coming from state supported schools(public schools) was declining and more and more student at Oxford and Cambridge were coming from elite universities. At the same time he made these comments, Prime Minister David Cameron was tripling tuition at colleges in England. One would assume a graduate of Oxford would grasp that by raising college tuition it means fewer student from poor backgrounds will even attend college–even if they were accepted! But, then again, just because there is no longer a British empire is no reason to deprive the rightful rulers of the realm of their authority to rule.