Oxford Students Display Anti-Semitism

Great Britain has for centuries actively fought for the rights of oppressed people, but hidden within the exterior sight of a nation dedicated to freedom, there has always been a hidden racism and disdain for those who are different. Oxford University is investigating a student party organized by the rugby squad at which others were invited to attend as a Jew. Now, what does it mean to Oxford students to “bring a fit Jew?” In their ignorant biased minds, that means come dressed as an Orthodox Jew and carry a bag filled with money. After all, Jews have money, don’t they? In fairness, the Oxford University Student Union tried persuading the schmucks on the rugby team to change the theme to “bring a fit girl.”

The captain of the rugby team, Phil Boon, said, he “didn’t see what the problem was. I can understand why it might have offended some people, but it would have been an awesome party.” It is amazing how historic stereotypes of Jews remain embedded in the minds of well educated members of the British elite.

Oxford University has launched an investigation into the party. How about expelling a few of these spoiled rich brats!! After all, they shouldn’t have any financial problems if everyone brought a bag filled with Jew money!