Pack In Pakistan?

The past few weeks have witnessed attacks by US military forces on sites they believed were Taliban centers only to discover they were Pakistan outposts. At least two dozen Pakistan soldiers died due to misunderstanding or due to a deliberate effort by Pakistan military leaders to create an international incident.  Prime Minister Gilani told AP “we really want to have good relations with the U.S based on mutual respect and clearly defined parameters. I think that is doable.”

It is no surprise to hear such words from a Pakistan leader. The central issue is whether Pakistan is going to create a military force which focuses on current issues facing their nation rather than being trapped in past anger towards India. The issue is NOT relations with America. The issue is, and has always been, Pakistan’s fear of India, its jealousy of a booming Indian economy, and the reality of Pakistan sinking into an economic basket case.

Nothing is “doable” with Pakistan until that nation ceases to focus on a future war with India and focus on today and tomorrow. Taliban forces will not aid Pakistan’s army if war breaks out with India. Pakistan must finally choose permanent peace with India and somehow resolve the Kashmir issue. Only then will Pakistan have “doable” relations with the US.