Pack Up And Leave

East Timor is a small country far, far away in the southeast part of the Pacific Ocean. A United Nations mission has been in the country since it was plunged into chaos and warfare. East Timor Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, told the UN it was time for them to get out of his nation and take their money and bureaucrats with them. He claimed that despite expenditure of $8 Billion of aid, “we do not see any physical development and even more poverty was created.” His comments came after a UN report pointed out his incompetence as cause of poverty and corruption in the land. Unfortunately, the UN itself is divided with some arguing the report is correct and others saying it was too harsh towards Mr. Gusmao. Perhaps, he offered a solution to the problem. “My proposal is this: UN and Timorese experts,offer your services to improve Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and give democracy in Yemen, Syria and Libya.”

The following figures reflect the UN presence in this tiny nation: 1397 police and military advisers, 377 international staff, 894 Timorese staff and 164 volunteers. It would be interesting to discover how much is made by international staff as compared to salaries for those from East Timor.