Pakistan –101– A Short Guide

The Pakistan situation has most Americans confused. President Musharraf is both president and commander of the armed forces. Historically, holding both positions was illegal in Pakistan until he got the law changed a few years ago. Pakistan laws state if a politician resigns from an office, he must wait two years before running for a public office. If Musharraf resigns one of his posts, he would face a hostile Pakistan Supreme Court whose
Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudry has been in conflict with the president.

Musharraf is working a deal with former premier Bhutto who was forced to flee the nation. She would be allowed to return, all corruption charges against her would be dropped, and the law forbidding anyone from being prime minister for more than two terms would be changed. In return, her Pakistan People’s Party would vote for Musharraf as president. In the meanwhile, there is Nawz Sarif who was the prime minister that Musharrag ousted. He is expected to return and enter politics. To complicate things even worse, Musharraf’s Pakistan Moslem League is upset that their leader is too secular and is cooperating with secular leaders like Ms. Bhutto.

I hope things are clearer.