Pakistan-A Failed State?

Over half a century ago, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was responsible for creation of the nation of Pakistan. Jinnah was an English educated man who desired to create a Muslim nation based on principle of democracy and equality for all people. His was not the vision of children chanting the Koran in a madrassa, but boys and girls studying science and math and learning about the history and cultures of lands. Sayeed Warsi, a leading Muslim in the British Conservative party, is sick and tired of right wing Muslim fundamentalists claiming their interpretation of the Koran is based on reality. In a recent speech to Pakistan women, Warsi posed a basic question: “why is it today you’ve been denied the rights that your faith gave to you 1,400 years ago?” I hate to inform religious leaders of Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, but women were actively involved in creation of their religion, and-they rode donkeys and camels!

A few months ago, Shahbaz Bhatti, the only Christian member of the Pakistan government was killed by an assassin because he opposed blasphemy laws that denied equal rights to Christians. Hundreds of so-called Pakistan lawyers hailed the killer as a great man. Who are these creatures of the night? How dare a lawyer support the murderer rather than the victim?